The Club

NICOLS MOTOR CYCLES is a biker association, with a humanitarian and environmental goal: awareness of the use of plant protection products, prevention of human and environmental risks, we also organize motorcycle and agricultural meetings on the subject.

Take a look at the guide distributed to children (in french):

We will also make available to people we will meet during our next expeditions, including the world tour, laminated multililinguistic plates gathering good information clear and concise on the subject. We will distribute for the most inclined to listen to our speech, only on large farms or making available to large groups of farmers, specialized comprehensive books.

In particular, we propose methods that do not significantly increase costs or change the distribution network. Organic farming is very interesting and we support it, but we must understand that a farmer who goes organic must change his entire production and marketing system. It is therefore more complicated to propose this metamorphosis to people we meet, unless they are already highly sensitized.
Our first approaches are therefore first practices that are easy to implement, economical and ecological. And if the desire goes further, we will discuss larger scale changes to the farming method and share knowledge and specialized documentation.

Our department of origin, the Drôme, is very receptive to the responsible agricultural practices. It is a valley that wants to be a laboratory of organic and sustainable development. We came to the world in an area where nearly 30% of farms are farmed organically, 10 times the national average. This is probably where our sensitivity to prevention against pesticides was born.
We gathered in the association a young team of people from the rural world concerned with the defense of nature and its inhabitants.
We are present in the agricultural world, and in particular viticultural. Our actions unfold through meetings, meetings and printed or telematic documentation.

We try to go through various media to publicize the association and its role.

We are present at the World Agricultural events which aim to show responsible practices, such as the demonstration of biodynamic or reasoned practices, new management software, agricultural equipment, responsible driving of the vine plot.

The NMC is a motorcycle club that, throughout the year, participates in the activities of the World Biker: concentrations, walks, parties, winters, scholarships, events, races. It is a large family of people who, beyond two-wheelers, come from all walks of life and society, and correspond to a large part of the population with whom we interact.

The World Tour will be an opportunity for the NMC to extend its action across other continents. We chose to do this event because even if it will be more expensive and the association could be limited to more local actions, we think that the media contribution of an adventure like this would be greatly beneficial.

We organize a correspondence between the schools of our mountainous region very solidarity, and those of our course in Far East and the Americas. Students will be able to follow the journey each week with news that we will send them.