The pilots :

Lylian, an hereditary descendant of a family of winemakers, graduated as agronomist and oenologist, helping her family to create the family drink, Clairette de Die. He is one of the founders of the association and has the physical qualities to go around the world.

Winemaker, son of Nicols-enduriste at Husqvarna in the 80’s, Hubert is a tireless lover of nature, leader of hunting dogs, skier and passionate about fishing in the mountains.

These two friends do not miss an opportunity to participate in World Biker, winter, gatherings, they are inveterate travelers on two wheels with 32 countries crossed to their credit.
The associates :

NFB Forest Ranger, a true French Ranger, Antoine knows at his fingertips the rules to respect to preserve our nature. He participates in the maintenance of state forests and natural parks.

Marine, veterinarian of farms across the four corners of France, she works closer to farmers to keep their trade alive.

Robin, Ph.D. student at INRA Montpellier, has written several articles in scientific journals and especially on crop protection. He advocates for biological control in agriculture and the preservation of species in entomology.

Bastien, Zurich engineer in renewable energies, straight out of Swiss rigor. It implements its knowledge in the service of developing countries as recently in South Africa.