Our project was born simply, during their first motorcycle raid in Portugal, young winemakers bikers were challenged by the lack of knowledge of their fellow Iberian farmers face the danger of pesticides for themselves and the environment.

These people used little protection equipment, applied a full dose of a product whose surplus would then be dumped on the ground.

Following this experience they decided to go to the former USSR in Turkey to meet their peers to discover their mode of agriculture. They also found excessive practices that threatened men and nature.

When they returned, they wanted to join forces with several of their acquaintances within a nucleus of competent young people: farmer, forest ranger, INRA scientist, veterinarian, engineers in agronomy and renewable energies.

Based on their help, they began to interact with people in the Baltic countries and North Africa on two other expeditions.

Today, this nucleus meets within an association for a greater force of action. This is the birth of Nicols Motor Cycles.

Our project is now to travel the three big continents through a tour of the world of peasant civilizations, to prevent these populations as well by meeting farmers as through passing through schools.

To carry our message, to be closer to the people, for a more striking image through social networks, the expedition will be by motorcycle. This demanding mode of transport allows us to show a strong will to humbly transmit a message to the locals.

This world tour will be an opportunity for the NMC to extend its action across other continents. We chose to do this event because even if it will be more expensive and the association could be limited to more local actions, we think that the media contribution of an adventure like this would be greatly beneficial.


The route of the expedition follows this map towards areas consistent for the project and acceptable in completion.

Departure date: April 2019